Reviews for "Mario's Mistake (1up)"


that was very nicely put together! I am usually not that much into sprite animation, but your flash is an expception! You are one of the best sprite arists on this site. YOu have a very vast imagination and comprehension of the humerous items. You put together a very funny piece of work, It was a tad blurry at parts, much more blury than sprite work is accepted for but you made up for that in the long run... I laughed at parts for example the cloud having a face and all, luigi, and much more. I am a big fan of your work, and hopefully you can keep this up! Good luck on your future submissions, I will look forward to them all.... I will check out your submissions i have not seen currently and vote and hopefully if i have time review them... Keep up the great work, you are doing an awesome job, and good luck on future submissions. You have portrayed greatness and your potential is never ending!


oh my rod

that was the coolest.
i like those sprites =) g-heh.

lol that was good

lol i like part, marios like: "omfg...that cloud has a face" lol