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Reviews for "Name Calling"

What do you wanna bet the whole epic battle on the field at night is Sagat's cover story for the scar?

Great comic, awesome art as usual. Just a nitpick but Ryu's gi hangs off him in a really awkward way for all but the last page. Normally a gi should come around the neck and create as little of an opening for the chest as possible instead of hanging loosely around the shoulders.

he had that one coming. nice little comic

Nice little comic, quite well drawn too!

This one gave me a smile

Being a diehard fan of Street Fighter I gotta say this was a great comic not to mention it's done by you so it has to be good! And uh yup. Yup it is pretty much damn perfect too. I think I lolled at Ryu Hayalosa and thats what did it for me.

Great job bro and keep up the good work

Pssssst any chance you can do something with Mai from King of Fighters? ;)

Gotta agree with teremaki, you're just as good at light humor as dark from what I've seen.
Mix it up, man! 5/5