Reviews for "Raiden's Pursuit"

love it

nice beat, kinde gothic stylish, but nice :) could you try to make the bass come out just a lil' more, would be great. keep up the good job.

Very good

Solid beat man. Not too over the top so its to my taste. I like simple things. If it can sound awesome and is simple then you've def got skill. Thats how I think anyways. I love the melodys in this... I played it over and over again and its just so kool. The bassline is pretty good too, changing for the diff melody's keeps it nice and fresh. Keep these songs coming man!

surfertmex responds:

Thanks for the feedback - simple is my style too, with more focus on melodies/harmonies than d&b. I am glad you enjoyed it, and I look forward to more work from you. :)


Nice stuff, little slow but you gotta have some of that for variety. Nice overall effect, hope to see more of the same.

surfertmex responds:

Thanks bro - Glad you liked it - I plan on making something faster and focused more on precussion so stay tuned! :)

Very nice.

But I do hope the sound quality does get better. I did enjoy this though.


this simple song should deserve a simple score, but it was so goooooooooood! It was cool

surfertmex responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)