Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Perfect! Good concept and nice graphics.

I know this guy personatly and this work is amazing..He did all the graphics and everything himself. He draws pretty good and is just starting to use flash. The sound does need improving but he will get it right.. Just watch out for part 2 of this classic animation with better sound.."I hope he does part 2". Wonderful job Nick. Bravo and what a classic masterpiece. Loved it...Except like I said sound needs working. Could hear static or something on that mic. Talk to you later dude. :-)
PS: good job.

Excellent Job For Your First Attempt.

Great combo of Metal Gear and ATHF. Also loved the James Bond style opening movie and the semi-tribute to Metal Gear's mind-numbingly long cutscenes. Cant wait the the next part!

Oh my fucking god.

Yeah, that was fucking awesome. All I wish was that you introduced more enemies, mabye if you make a second one. You know, The Grimace, The Fryguy, The Birdie, The .... I can't remeber the name of more McDonalds crap.

Also, more CODEC conversations would've been funny too. Like having Shake have to talk to Meatwad or Carl or the Mooninites.

Otherwise I fucking loved how you compared the Metal Gear to the Big Mac. I was laughing so fucking hard when they explained all of that.... you should also just have a thing where Shake opens his Survival Menu and selects food, and the play the little video of him eating foor. Or have the lower half of his body blown off and then he goes in the Cure menu and cures himself.

I love it!!!!

Oh man, where do I start? Actually, I know where:
-The graphics are great dude, couldn't have presented any better
-The voice acting was tremendous! Shake sounds very accurate
-Thankfully here there's an appropriate amount of action, good job!
-And finally, if I had a dollar for every time I was bored, I'd be broke : P
So all in all, it was excellent! Keep up the good work and remember - stay awesome!!

I love it. watched it a few times :)
dude, can you tell me the name of the japanese song you used?
I really wanna find it