Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Holy Shit!

I cannot beleive that this video being your first submission, that it kicked so much ass. Wow! I am trying to download flashplayer so i can make some stuff. But that really was the best hand drawn graphics i have ever seen.

oh my god...

that had to be the best metal gear sold parody ever!!! one, i love aqua teen hunger force, and you captured shake perfectly... how did you get his voice so perfect?! two, i love the joke thats running through it, the whole mcdonalds obesity thing, lets see someone try and sue you! lol anways, great flash, i would step away from the mic a little more, project your voice you know. love your work, cant wait to see the next part, i was on the edge of my seat... literally!


funny that's all


What were you smoking when u wrote this?

i loved it

i was playing metal gear solid then looked it up on newgrounds i also love ATHF is meatwad in the next one?