Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

What the Hell are u talkin about dash!?

This movie was awesome!!! The movie was very accurate according to the real game but theres one fatal timeline flaw, Solid Snake didnt exist in Snake Eater, it was Big boss. Also referred to Naked Snake or just Snake as usual. I dont recall a character wielding a chaingun either. I was surprised to hear the Snake Eater theme song in this movie too! Im seriously impressed dude, this movie IS good dont listen to dashx, he dont know shit... I'll be lookin forward to the conclusion!!! Dont fail me now Nicholas!!

Good Flash

It was great,but Shake could've been more Stupider And the voice over wasn't what i expected,But overall A verry funny flash

This is hella funny!

Dude, lemmie download it!

Gr eat!!

Wow.. That was very good! I don't get why a lot of people say it isn't.. I assume you don't really think minorities should not have voting rights...

I love everything about this movie. You are now my favorite artist.