Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Grrr... my best friend got review #100

The idea for this was great (except the end), and the music was great. The sounds of the ATHF guys were good, but Ronald and the Hamburglers voices sucked. Better voice actors were needed in this. But what killed this the most was the crappy graphics.
No real animation, and many graphical glitches. If you shoot a frog in the back, its not gonna squirt a little bit of blood, its gonna explode! Shakes straw was not even connected to anything when he drunk the frog! Bad graphics. Plus the voices sometimes did not match quite well with the text. (it was a little off sometimes)
But the style for this won it a 5/10. If Legendary Frog or someone would do a version of this, that would be great. But this was just disappointing; especially for the long ammount of time that i watched this.

kind of boring

I lost intertrest pretty easy

Love the idea of taking one McDonalds

Pretty good, something I don't like in it but pretty good idea

I coun't finish it!

But it's a lot like Metal gear in that way! LOL!

But you just should have thrown in morre jokes or made it faster or something. The fight scene was like 2 minutes long.. Nice try.


umm this was kinda of stupid because at the end it had the snake eater theme song and it said it second the part about packing the lunch was plain stupid and also another thing that was stupid was putting a freakin big mac in here i mean common.i don't know wtf you were doing when u made this but plz try to make a better one.