Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"


This flash was varry weird, but at the same time made perfect sence. I think. The anamator may not have good skillz on the flash, but he/she/they did have lots of style.

Not that bad

its not that funny but u could have made it a lot better


That ending was gross

not amazing but decent

im separating this into three catagories, voice acting, animation, and theme, the overall theme was sound, plot was amusing so i give you a plus on that, and i liked the voice acting, it was very good in my opinion, only problem i have is your animation itself, it was horribly done, but due to my liking of the other two points you recieve a *not bad* , also you earn yourself a run on sentence review :)


Animation. 3

Voice acting. 6

Audio quality. 5

Humor. 5

Originality. 10

Length. 8

Over all. 6

Comments. the plot is nice it gose well with how i think of fast food and the metal gear story ideas of ruining the world. animation isn't vary good but i have to stay if you can get past it it is worth watching. thought i disagree with the fetus idea for a few resons. other then that it is a little abouve avrage worth a watch.