Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

aqua teen hunger force

that was sweet as hell Shake eater LOL

great idea

it is a great flash movie idea, and it -alhough shitty voice quality- is hilarious, the still images are great, espelcially for a first film.

the best improvements i can recomend would be better voice quality (the acting was good), actualy editing in animation (as opposed to great still images being slid around), and faster speaking, so thatt the pauses between talking are'nt so long.

p.s. It would be good if some great flash animator, such as legendaryfrog, would take an interest in it and animmate for it (kinda unlikely.)

p.p.s. try to add a pirate, you know you want a pirate, even like, a sublinamal pirate that hops out of nowhere for one frame.


That was very dramatic, in a very funny way. I like the plotline of the film so far. You put me in stitches for hours. I can't wait to see more and well done.

funny as hell

this is funny as hell (100 overall)


it´s ruuls