Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Good work.

The voice acting was great,great art style,and very funny. this one is a must see if you are a Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan or a Metal Gear Solid Fan.I have only one problem,it was short,right when I was really getting into it it was over.Other than that it was great.

nice job

funny concept. keep it up.

Oh shit, now i have to see the second.

That was pretty funny, even though one of the scenes was a lot like KILL BILL, which also rocks, can't wait for 2 & 3!!!

Kickass :]

Suprisingly the crossover between ATHF and MGS was good. I haven't been this suprised since kingdom hearts was made. Besides no lip-sync, it was perfect.


I have played the metal gear series and I watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so this I liked. Pretty good for your first Flash cartoon