Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"


this is really good. the big mac sceme, world wide obestity, lololololol

That is pretty funny

Man,that flash was pretty funny. It is almost like the game a little bit. As for the previous reviewer who said the game was gay,how old are you like 14? Not all games have to have naked girls and mindless violence to be any good. Get your head out of your ass kid,becasue you are acting like one with your"review". Play the entire series from the PS1 game to Snake Eater,then reasses yourself before you call a game "gay". Either that or develop an attention span becasue you obviously lack that with your review.

I love it!!!!

Oh man, where do I start? Actually, I know where:
-The graphics are great dude, couldn't have presented any better
-The voice acting was tremendous! Shake sounds very accurate
-Thankfully here there's an appropriate amount of action, good job!
-And finally, if I had a dollar for every time I was bored, I'd be broke : P
So all in all, it was excellent! Keep up the good work and remember - stay awesome!!

Me gusto (i liked it)

I think you are from Mexico (for your name and accent) so i'm gonna to write this review in Spanish (If u aren't please forgive me and "may the force with you be" flash creator")
Primero y principal quiero poner una critica (ademas de la imagenes de los bebes, q no entendi la palabra, y la verdad me dio "cosa" verla).. "RAVEN ES DEL MTG 1, NO DEL SNAKE EATER"!!
ahora si, escribiendo un poco mas enserio, la grafica no me convencio mucho, estaba medio floja, La voz de Solid Shake no estaba bien lograda y por ultimo es un poco corta (supongo q mas que un flash debio haber sido en dos o tres,no?)
Aun asi me traumo la idea, es decir, un MTG con Aqua teen Hunger Force (que supongo que se te ocurrio por que hace poco se estreno adult swim, no ?); ademas de convinado con la idea de macDonald.... Expectacular loco!!
La verdad, me suena que la idea ta muy echa, pero q al flash le falta un poco de "touch", y por eso se pierde mucho (y no llega a ser gracioso,

In english (Summary):
I liked it, i think that the idea of the MGS, ATHF and McDonald is grat, but i think that it animation isn't good, so you lose those points

Good direction for a movie

it was funny but was a little slow at times and wasn't good graphically