Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"


An average movie with good potential but you spaced the jokes out to much making me lose interest in it. Also you got really lazy with the backrounds. I could have been funnier but good try.

don't listen to the last guy

ur stuff was funny as shit so dun worry i liked ur junk keep going wit series it's tight u have made 3 keep going and make the final 1 u will have ppl crackin up


it was pretty bad.....no offence to the creator.....it was a pretty good concept......and a lotta funny ATHF jokes but there were 3 main problems
1. Voice for shake was a little loud
2.The Music Over powered some of what Frylock said in his transmission
3.The lack of Carl! come on! he could've been the bad guy or something....
what was done good
1. The voice acting was good..just a lil loud
2. The part where he eats the frog was sick...i liked it
3. The use of music (albeit a bit loud at times) was good.
4. I loved the horrace with a minigun lol it was great.
it was good considering it was your 1st flash..keep up the good work

Good start!

I think you have a good start to your Shake Eater trilogy here! To be honest, I didn't actually laugh at this, but I did crack a few smiles - It is a very witty Flash :D

There were a few things I really liked about it:
1.) Ronald McDonald's voice was absolutley awesome!
2.) The flashbacks look good - I thought the Grimace's speech was pretty great too.
3.) The source of the meat for the Big Mac was the best!!

And there were only two things I didn't like:
1.) This only happened once; the music over powered the voices. It was only during Frylock's codec transmission, though.
2.) The lack of Carl!!!! It's not ATHF without Carl!!!! I do hope he'll appear in a later installment :D

All in all, good first flash, good parody! Keep it up!

Wow man.

That is the shit!!! This was awesome. You better keep up the good work or Mcdonald's will fulfil their evil scheme!!!