Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Kickass :]

Suprisingly the crossover between ATHF and MGS was good. I haven't been this suprised since kingdom hearts was made. Besides no lip-sync, it was perfect.

sorry dude

sorry dude but its to long and drawn out and borring sorry dude


I enjoyed it and taking the p**s out of McDonald's is a worthwhile cause.
Although u should try and put on some lip~sync but apart from that its good.
When no.3 coming out.


but this wasnt that good the text went on to long and there was nothing but scrolling for animation.


I really liked this movie because well... I HATE MCDONALDS. and all fast food really. And i love MGS so everything in this movie worked for me. You need to make a sequal so I can watch it.