Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Damnit dude fix the mic!

This had next-to-nothing in it in regards to animation, I couldn't even sit through the whole flash because of how bad the voice-overs were recorded. You need to back away from the microphone, set the reception to slow, and stop putting it in your mouth thinking that it makes your voice clearer, the sound quality made my head hurt >:/ You wasted a lot of precious frames of animation on just stills with text and sound.

Nice plot and script!

This has alot of potential.
The animation was fine, but the sound quality was atrocious.
The script and plot were well done. Bravo!
Very funny!
Work out the audio problems and this would be something great.

Perfect! Good concept and nice graphics.

I know this guy personatly and this work is amazing..He did all the graphics and everything himself. He draws pretty good and is just starting to use flash. The sound does need improving but he will get it right.. Just watch out for part 2 of this classic animation with better sound.."I hope he does part 2". Wonderful job Nick. Bravo and what a classic masterpiece. Loved it...Except like I said sound needs working. Could hear static or something on that mic. Talk to you later dude. :-)
PS: good job.

Well done LMAOOOO well done LMAOOOOO

AHAHAHAHAHAHAahahhahahh HAAAAaaa THIS thing was SOOOO funny i was choking my laugh cause i didnt wanna wake up my parents and almost killed myself laughing at this thing. SUPERB JOB!! the only downfall of this was the voice quality it sounded scratchy and hurt my ears some times but non the less i think this was funny as hell cant wait to see the next part if u plan to make one.


This is going to be great...please make many sequels.