Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

Ow.. Ow.. My ears

Other than the ear crackling sound, the movie was very good, and very funny.

Petdander76 responds:

sorry about the bad sound i fixed it its 100 % improved i know what i did wrong.

aborted fetuses?? OMFG

This was cool the only thing you ashould do if you make another is the mic quality could be better all that buzzing gave me a headache...
im off to take a tablet good work.

Petdander76 responds:

i just improved the audio by 100%

Survival is key to surviving your mission?

Isn't it the key to surviving in general? But it was fucking hilarious. Nice work, love MGS and ATHF so nice job.

Petdander76 responds:

that's a good point.


I love the metal gear series, and you my friend made my day. You do need to neaten up on oyur voice acting but otherwise good work!

p.s. I love you.......>_>

great idea

it is a great flash movie idea, and it -alhough shitty voice quality- is hilarious, the still images are great, espelcially for a first film.

the best improvements i can recomend would be better voice quality (the acting was good), actualy editing in animation (as opposed to great still images being slid around), and faster speaking, so thatt the pauses between talking are'nt so long.

p.s. It would be good if some great flash animator, such as legendaryfrog, would take an interest in it and animmate for it (kinda unlikely.)

p.p.s. try to add a pirate, you know you want a pirate, even like, a sublinamal pirate that hops out of nowhere for one frame.