Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

their own aborted fetuses!!!!muwahahahahah!!!!

it was ok, i think the voice actin for frylock was a little bad, and shake's voice picth raises high a lot (u did do a good job on his voice thouggh). my suggestion is to watch athf to get a better grip of the voices and then work on having better movement for ur characters, not just one picture movin around the screen.

Macdonald's sucks!

Well done on slating macdonald's, but that was a lame piece of crap that was'nt funny... At All!

good job on fixing the sound

One question though.. Wheres meat wad?

Excellent Job For Your First Attempt.

Great combo of Metal Gear and ATHF. Also loved the James Bond style opening movie and the semi-tribute to Metal Gear's mind-numbingly long cutscenes. Cant wait the the next part!

my opinion

i'm sorry man, i didn't like it. it's not very creative. and using the mcdonald characters was a lame idea. and i know you were trying to be funny with it, but it's not. also...... i could do what you did.. and just move the character without showing the legs moving and no mouth moving. there is less animation... and it's just pictures tweening most of the time. i wasn't even watching half of the time.