Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

That was awesome

I love the way you mix both McDs with MGS. It seemed so perfect for it's own spin-off! Hilarious as well with Ronald McDonald's voice LOL! Seriously though most intriguing story I've see here on NG so far. I can't wait for your second one!

Also what was that Oldie Japanese song you used during Grimace's death? Damn that song was nice.

that was cool

But it was kinda long and get boring.You should have meat wad really in charge or those anoying aliens that the moonenites are fighting.

Oh my fucking god.

Yeah, that was fucking awesome. All I wish was that you introduced more enemies, mabye if you make a second one. You know, The Grimace, The Fryguy, The Birdie, The .... I can't remeber the name of more McDonalds crap.

Also, more CODEC conversations would've been funny too. Like having Shake have to talk to Meatwad or Carl or the Mooninites.

Otherwise I fucking loved how you compared the Metal Gear to the Big Mac. I was laughing so fucking hard when they explained all of that.... you should also just have a thing where Shake opens his Survival Menu and selects food, and the play the little video of him eating foor. Or have the lower half of his body blown off and then he goes in the Cure menu and cures himself.

What the Hell are u talkin about dash!?

This movie was awesome!!! The movie was very accurate according to the real game but theres one fatal timeline flaw, Solid Snake didnt exist in Snake Eater, it was Big boss. Also referred to Naked Snake or just Snake as usual. I dont recall a character wielding a chaingun either. I was surprised to hear the Snake Eater theme song in this movie too! Im seriously impressed dude, this movie IS good dont listen to dashx, he dont know shit... I'll be lookin forward to the conclusion!!! Dont fail me now Nicholas!!

This sucks

This is one of the worst things i've ever seen. you should never make another flash movie again or do impersonate things so horribley that they make me vomit uncontrolibly. This isn't funny at all.