Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

ha ha my muccels are still laughing

it was the shit dude make some more metal gear shake paridies i recomend exept make snake in the athf environment...........

Good Flash

It was great,but Shake could've been more Stupider And the voice over wasn't what i expected,But overall A verry funny flash

Well You proved me wrong...

But please change the voices! Some of them just sounded terrible, and the animation of the shooting and bullets just felt a little slow.
Other than that it was a Great Movie! The story was pretty Damn cool as well! keep up the series and remember to change some voices, get some friends to come over or something.


I played the shit out of MGS3, and seeing this, combined with ATHF, makes this a very cool flick. I look forward to more sequels. ^_^


This is the best flash ive ever seen! Its only funny i guess if you have played metal gear solid. I hope you get around the the 2 other sequils soon!