Reviews for "Metal Gear Shake Eater"

MGS+Aqua Team Hunger Force+Mc Donalds= Funny

That was so messed up. Was Grimace supposed to be The Pain?
Was Ronald supposed to be Volgin? Was Hamburglar supposed to be Revolver Ocelot? Who knows. I just want to know who is going the be The End, The Sorrow, The Fear, Signit and Para-medic.

Very well done in the parts that matter most.

Out of all the Snake Eater parodies and spin-offs...this has truly been great as it holds true to the Metal Gear Solid style, story-line wise. I feel that all the other parodies lacked imitating the story of Metal Gear.

All the other parodies ever did was just make fun of Snake/Raiden, or reacted a codec scene, have just 'bloopers', or just have Snake is a crazy situation.

But this...this entry is what is truly Metal Gear! The story arc was just perfect! You had the crazy plot twists, and dramatic monologues. This is what Hideo Kojima did most and meant the most. It was never the gameplay. Hideo feels that games should be in the same categories as Oscar movies....and I feel that even his own fans don't even give credit to the part of his work that is due.

I praise this entry...I really do. Even though you probably aimed for the entire thing to be humorous, but I easily took it seriously. I applaud you.


Great Master Shake impression.

good but...

it lost my intrest time 2 time you should make it a game itll b so much more fun and funny

i love athf and hate mcdonalds

that is so choice but it was poorly animated