Reviews for "Metal Gear Solid 2 Sk8boarding"


You tried. The sound is really off.
And it reminded me too much of Mortal Kombat.


EHHHH! sorry no offence but u turned the propa version into a buncha noise! DONT EVA DO ANYTHIN LIKE THIS AGAIN!

ooooo baaaaad

the instruments wernt clear it all, it was pretty much a load of tone and bass :P

The volume levels wernt set properly when you made this surely?

I reckon this was midi based as well.

I laughed when i heard it, it reminded me of TheGimpsta's songs.

keek its not a remix or even your own work

this is not your own work i can tell you till because i use midis for my music playing/remix and have herd that one and found it to be the most out of place midi in all my life.