Reviews for "Metal Gear Solid 2 Sk8boarding"

Good job

you found the MGS:Skateboarding minigame as well?
also to the dude who thinks this sucks. i think you should try and beat all the games then try and find the minigame :o i forgot if its unlock or in specials or options but im pretty sure its in the Sons of liberty :o

i really liked it!

when i first listened to this i thought, "wow! a metal gear solid audio re-made with heavy 'metal'!" this is in my audio folder and i hope to find more like it. but by far this is one of the better MGS audios on NG. in my view at least.


EHHHH! sorry no offence but u turned the propa version into a buncha noise! DONT EVA DO ANYTHIN LIKE THIS AGAIN!


my speakers almost exploded it drones so much man and it's low but its not bad not the best mgs music and i scour the web for em (huge metal gear enthuasist)


It doesnt sound anything like the original in terms of clarity. The dominant instruments werent very pleasing to the ears.
What can I say, Im a big fan of the Metal Gears, and this just doens't do much justice.
Sorry, but a review's a review. Maybe this helps, maybe it makes you angry. Either way, maybe you could remake it to sound more like the original.