Reviews for "Metroid Confusion: Part 2"

Like I said before. Best Metorid Parody ever!

You know, I can't really explain this but the humor of your movies seems like... well... How do I say it's like this was done by someone on the Nsider fourms. You probably don't know what I'm saying. Okay back to the movie I love how Scythe and Chiton pronounce the word Cookies. It just sounds funny :3. Loved everything else otherwise. I hope you come back to newgrounds some day and make more of these parodys. Keep up the good work!

Even better than the first

You really stepped it up. Great job! Your stupid humor was very impressive!

This was really good.

I enjoyed it and they sailors on the moon from futurama made me laugh. Good job 10/10


Now I will never take Metroid seriously anymore and will always hear "We're whalers on the moon, we're whalers on the moon..."

lol rofacopter

lol tht movie was funny lol rofacopter