Reviews for "Metroid Confusion: Part 2"

not bad

well i didn't give it a zeor, gave it a three. and if you think i did that because i'm hating on you then that's just sad cause then you'll never improve. it was a good idea, and was carried out well most of the time, but at times it draged on. it needed tighter editing to make the humor snappier. also the animation could have been better, but then i guess you could say the same about one ring to rule them all. also i thought the voice acting was kind of annoying. bottom line, good idea, but could've been a lot better.


Finally that boring flash gets pushed down! And by Metroid COnfusion Part 2! First part was funny, Part 2 was even funnier. The ending wasn't what I was expecting though, and it's a shame you don't see more of your sexy Samus out of her suit. I hope in your video clip you will see her dancing out of her suit or something.

Good story

Those cookies must've been pretty tasty if they're worth chasing around
and argued over. Good humor, I enjoyed watching that.

Nucular pirats

This is a very nice submision .. hope to see more of your work.

Hmm Bad Actors

I know this is a flash and shouldnt've judge the actors, but I am anyway. The art was good, good story line... good humor but you gotta pull it off in the way you deliver your lines. Also the girl who plays the grandma sounds no older than my 12 year old sister. Other than that good movie.