Reviews for "Metroid Confusion: Part 2"


The graphics were great like usual. Lol that sound "Whalers on the Moon" is great! A 10 for that! Violence would be a 7. You could have done better fighting with Samus. All she did is use the cannon. The humor was definatly good but could have been better. Good job. And its really been half a year since Part 1? Wow thats long!


That was just as funny and awsome as the first part, and still one of my favorite metroid flashes.

I see a Daily Feature, Weekly feature, and MORE!

This movie... IS AWESOME!! You, my tallented friend, DEFINATLY have what it takes to make a quality movie! This will DEFINATLY be in the top 10 list in NO TIME! Congrats on the awesome movie, my friend.

V funny and random

me likes it. got to see the first one now. nice touch at the start with the random shooting. overall entertaining and funny fash.