Reviews for "PICONJO's Sorrow"

That was touching T_T

I liked the music a lot. Try making tears come out together from both eyes.

Wtf was this piece of shit!?

This is almost the gayest thing I have ever seen. Some stupid guy looking out crying for like half an hour? You should've at least made him slit his wrists. :( God awful Terrible flash movie, and what's even worse, IT GOT A GOOD SCORE O_O! WTF!

Theres a surprise...

Another pwning movie from the god of newgrounds. Yayy.

Not very impressive

So in summary, all you did was 'drew' a picture, and made it stand on a bunch of different backgrounds as he cryed his eyes out to a bunch of lame 'i am so lonley' texts. Sorry but if this ever made the front page I would feel somewhat ill for a long time


Really awesome graphics! I don't usually care for these heart touching flashes, but this one was alright. I kinda got a little tired of looking at him. Anywho, good job.