Reviews for "PICONJO's Sorrow"

Great Graphics...

And just a touch of humor.

Well i guess its better

thts the flash that i wanna see, no stick shite, no gay shite...well this was kinda gay with the dude crying but still a good flash. make more of this.3/5

So Heart Warming T.T

I cry


wow. im what you would call a "Toadie" but u know, i liked it. the bottom captioning was very nice. very soothing.


Piconjo, you've made it clear that you love us all. Its to bad the toadies do not accept the person you are. It got a bit boring, if you added voices like in Piconjo Confession it would be better. Although the backrounds looked like they were taken from google images, they still fit in with the flash. In conclusion, this flash is touching, although people have said this before.