Reviews for "PICONJO's Sorrow"


A hand reaches out of the white, takes your hand, and pulls you into laughter.

That was pure poetry

Don't let the assholes who come onto here to tell you all sorts of gay jokes and "suicide" suggestions get to you Piconjo. In the end, some of us are there, supporting you.

Ya know...

I thought these were cute at first, but now they're just stupid. It's the same animation, same blank stare, same music (which is lovely, by the way), and same basic feel. Sad and depressing. I wouldn't mind this so much if there was at least some real movement... and I don't mean blinking and crying. BTW, I'm a very tender-hearted female, and I have NEVER cried as much as this dude!


The "camera" starts making a slow close up to Piconjo's face, he blinks, he starts crying, the background changes and he closes his eyes still crying. He gives a long and boring speech. The main message? "Piconjo loves you". I'm fed up with this...
The style is ok and the music was nice (OF COURSE, it is Malice Mizer!). But the topic sucked hardcore, the same old song... Onizuka is the one that does the cool drawings, or so I guess...

Truely Awesome

I never would think that I could watch a static image for 5 minutes but you pull it off so well. Try and make some more of these so people will never forget piconjo. RIP and remeber.... Piconjo <3 j00