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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"


that was great plz say that there are more parts!!!!!

I loved it!

I loved the music, the iceberg part, everything about it! One thing though, I think ham shoulda been in there, Theoden, Horsemaster was I think your best work...And those Yu-Gi-Oh movies, do more of em, AND PUT THE FRIKIN POWER RANGERS IN EM AGAIN! Thats so funny! Cause I use to love it and act like I was the red ranger dude, you should just dedicate a whole episode to it! Please tell me what you think about that idea, it'd be GREAT!

I liked it good

yeah pretty funny, only minor flaws (I barely noticed them, let alone try) and yeah, excellent use of LOTR images, although I didn't really get the last part. Good work overall!

That was hilarious!

I loved it when he's putting the crown on and he keeps taking it off. Or "OUR PRECIOUS WEED!"


alright do we have a doctor in here yes im a horse lol