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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"

wtf. this was ok i guess

the 2'nd one was much better.


Finally ya jerk you make the 3rd episode! Which...isn't as good as the first two, but what the hell. The funniest part was where Gollumn was dancing with the weed. The worst was that iceberg crap at the end (WTF)

funny, but not as funny as the last one

much more random, kinda like the third movie. And you also went into frodo & sam's love affair, much like the third movie. And it had plot holes... much like the third movie... see a patern? Oh and I want pie too.

It was good

I liked that one but it was too short. I liked the part where he was like.. i'm a horse. ha ha !!!!!

Good Game

A good game, Igot to level 10, score of 1680, didnt make all the points. Creative game, if you use your memory at it you got it.

P.S. i think there may be a bug on it. The 10 spark crosses the second gap without bridge being down. I only played level 10 once, so i dont know if it is recurring