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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"


You definitely have the same dramatic music as the real LOTR. hahah the voice acting is so funny. Imported graphics... but would be nicer if this was drawn. :P haha, the 50 cent music part was funny. The guy had weed. nice stuff you have here.

Well, I liked it...how 'bout them apples Corey?

First off, I liked this movie...your sense of humor is entertaining and keeps me watching for remakes. Good job, and I hope you continue on your work.
As for Corey, all I can say is to get a sense of humor, stop humping the LOTR books/movies as your Bible, and just go with the flow.

Pretty good

I liked the part with Gollum. The bit with Gandalf and Aragorn was really funny too

not bad

I liked the first ones better. But what the hey, it was still pretty good. keep up the good work.

not as funny but still nice.