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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"

You made a mistake in the beginning...

You mentoned Saruman not being in the movie but he accutly is you have to see the extended ediotion.

This was soooo funny but it slowed my computer down so i coundnt watch the whole thing.


This series is by far the BEST lotr parody I have ever had the pleasure of watching. HOORAY FOR YOU! HOORAY FOR LOTR! HOORAY!

Darn, it's over

I've followed this series from the start and am sad to see it go. However, all good things may come to an end.


actually January 6, 2005

Reviewed by: rockice Overall Score: 6

it wasn't peter jackson that cut saruman out of the third story

not a bad parody though


well that's not true because JRR Tolkien did not cut out saruman
it's at the last part of the book after the ring is destroyed

ehen frodo and sam return to the shire saruman has taken over the shire and they cant come in

Another hilarious acomplishment...

I'm still finding it hard to type right now, being hysterical from the whole: "Now... Frodo... Death is just another path... one we all must take..."--"Um, Gandalf... is that an iceburg?" "OOOOOOOOHHHHH--!!!"
Such ironic humour is astonishing.
Oh, it was great when you made Frodo say: "Do you like my hair, Sam?"
You just bring to mind such a twisted, outrageous perspective to the real movie that it's simply hysterical.
Oh boy, the classic scenario with mount doom.. I have to reference it... "Oh, Sam! Our precious weed!" "Oh, great. And I don't suppose you lost the Rin..Wait a minute! Where the fuck is the ring!?"
*Isildur appears* "heheh.... amatuers."
I know I may be exagerating, and reminiscent, but it's just too damn funny!
I wonder how the hell you come up with this shit! It's perfect!
You even managed to add some humour during the credit roll, saying that Elrond was casting as Mr.Smith.
The whole personality of Gandalf that you mock is simply hilarious. The studdering, the "Oh really's", and the twitching with the crown...
You've got to give yourself some praise for this work you've done.
It may not seem much as much to you as me, but I think you've taken comedy to a new level.
Hopefully, hopefully, HOPEFULLY, you'll make special extended versions, or something extra, like your flash "Theoden Horsemaster", or something like that.
Good luck in the future, sorry for the preach, but I simply adore the work you've put into these flashes.
Keep it up...