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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"

that was retarded

this was really bad and im not sure y its on front page...

great end

mega should take the stick out of his ass i thought this was great. make more parodys of other movies

This sucked!

This wasn't that funny. Half of all the lines come directly from the movie. You can do sooo much better stuff with those clips.

How did this f*ck get to the front page?

No, really how did this piece of s*ht claw it's way up to the front page?


goin' to the funeral? for who? the joke you just killed. pie. seriously. actually its been dead for a very long time and you just dug up its rotting carcass and.... killed it again! i swear, this is about as stupid as 'the last unicorn' which was incredably idiotic. monkeys arent funny either. im just stating the extremely obvious. when i clicked this, i thought i was clicking on something fresh and funny. instead, i clicked on a stupid pie joke. how the f*ck did this get on the front page?! i edited this review greatly for it might have offended some of the other people out there. may this be a warning to anybody else who is about to watch this: dont. its another ng timewaster. haha lolololololol! SHUT UP! its not funny for the last time! geez. and they all lived happily ever after the end. not. because they watched this sh*t.