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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"

I loved it!

I loved the music, the iceberg part, everything about it! One thing though, I think ham shoulda been in there, Theoden, Horsemaster was I think your best work...And those Yu-Gi-Oh movies, do more of em, AND PUT THE FRIKIN POWER RANGERS IN EM AGAIN! Thats so funny! Cause I use to love it and act like I was the red ranger dude, you should just dedicate a whole episode to it! Please tell me what you think about that idea, it'd be GREAT!

that was great

I loved this, it was so funny. Graphics could be a little smoother at some points.
"Oh Sam, Our precious weed" LOL good job

good but kind of disappointing

it was good but it was way too short, but i like tha fact that you put Isildur and the way you did it was pretty clever, but then again it was too short

Close but no bananaa

Really good film, not the best film but it's still pretty good. I like the interesting humor. Gandalf is the best. But the ending reminds me of another 3 1/2 hour video


actually January 6, 2005

Reviewed by: rockice Overall Score: 6

it wasn't peter jackson that cut saruman out of the third story

not a bad parody though


well that's not true because JRR Tolkien did not cut out saruman
it's at the last part of the book after the ring is destroyed

ehen frodo and sam return to the shire saruman has taken over the shire and they cant come in