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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"


I have never seen any of the others, but they must be as funny as this one! Great job on this its hiliarous! Spectacular graphics! Sound was phenomenal very amusing, everything else was great, it lacked violence but it didnt need it for how you portrayed this flash! Keep up the great work I will look forward to your next submissions!



I didn't saw the two others but I have to see them XD That was so..hilarious!


i think of another ending:
Gandalf lay the crone on Arogorns head, then:
"Whaat the crap" =Deutsch voicie=
lay the crone on his head and live happily or the half of is life

sam.....do you like my hair?

That was fricking amazing, i havent laughed that hard in a very long time, and i knew there was something screwy about gandalf!

Very Cool!

Wow! This is great! How the hell did you get the parts of the movie!?!