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Reviews for "LOTR Parody: SE p3"

Great Parody

This movie is what a parody is and should be. I laughed so much I had to jump up and down a few times to settle down. Great job and keep up the good work.

Original AND funny

This is some great stuff. Whoever is reading this should definitely watch this lotr parody. the humor is original and managed to make me laugh, throughout all 3 of them. I certainly hope mr. pilgrims makes more of these, they're a refreshment and enjoyment to all the posing non-funny shorts I've seen.


Here is my Translation : legolas = crazy and gay | gandalf = EVEN crazier | hobbits voice=ahahaha | Aragorn = WTF WAS HE LOOKING AT!? | Gimli = gonna get cancer of too much smoking | Frodo/Sam= the weed of power is like erm....welll weed! | lol


It was great, especially that gay part when frodo said: Do you like my hair Sam? But still, LOTR Parody: SE p2 was better.


By far one of the best LotR parody, at its end, that is truly sad. Watching the credits also made me feel really sad, because that has to be the best set of actors a derector will ever get to make such a great film, I remember waiting each year for the next movie of LotR to come out, one better after the next. AHEM!

Anyway this was a great flash wish there were four parts instead of three. Also for you people who think he was lying when he said the PJ cut Saruman out of the thrid movie, he wasn't, get the limited edition to see him in action. I actually thought he had a real important role in the movie, guess PJ didn't think so.

Anyway i think you should make a movie on the hobbit, your own animation, (if you read the book by any chance) and you could have the battle of the five armies. That'd be sweet.