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Reviews for "B0UNC3 vs LX System - Alive"

Of all your work, I like this the best.

I understand this is just the beta version, but you should try expanding it further. I think this one holds great potential, should you finish it.

Best of luck.


Sounds familiar to a song without the beat, it was my favorite song. This is just a remix of that song because it sounds like it, because if you take hte beat out, it'll sound like the song i like :D Well, it was awesome!

Why, Why, Why?

Why do I even bother reviewing your songs, I know I can't help but give you a 9 or above. But really listening to a bunch of your songs, I hear nice peacfull stuff, peace, peace, peace, then HOLY SHIT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS... ... What can I say I like it.

awsome! dance time!

Sounded like the :bloodbath" scene from blade 2!


HOLY SHIT OPS MY BAD lol great job on this remix i love the sound effecs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lols
im odne my techno song i made up my self gona post it soon pls reveiw bty this is the best song i like shoud hade use a litle more base how u get voises like that man u are too good uhh do u use fl studio 6 if so add me on msn philipbh40@hotmail.com u can give me a veiw pointers if eney budy els wants to tdo that yes u can.... cya later keep up on the great music WOOT PARTYYY