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Reviews for "B0UNC3 vs LX System - Alive"


I can easily say, this one the best I've heard on here. Each part of the song is better than the next and all you can do it sit there, open jaw, drooling. This is insane stuff.


Great song


and btw he says
this is LX system and B0UNC3 , and we give you alive!you need to go through the whole track right now to remain on the next level,SO... LETS START!

thats for Dustfinger864 they asked :)

great work keep it up!

he was aiming for it to sound similar to blade btw greekanilater

it sound like...

great song... but it sounds alot like blood rave from the movie blade


this sounds like a song ive heard before too...but it definitely isnt a remix of it. only certain bits are similar. what is the guy saying at the begining? can hardly make it out