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Reviews for "B0UNC3 vs LX System - Alive"

thank man.

your music makes me remember that there is still hope for great music in the future.

Fast; but still had a strong beat to it

Lovley =3

eh...is the word

could have done without teh vocal at the beginning, and yeah teh 2:55 transition has a little to much contrast with teh rest of the song I listened to the song like 4times

Makes any FPS Game epic.

Whenever I listen to this while playing Team Fortress 2 or something it makes it feel like an extra epic struggle or like some montage or something... Words can't describe how awesome this is.

Had me from the beginning

The 2:55-ish transition was a bit... from the lack of words: off compared to the rest of the song. It had a strong contrasting beat to it. The beat in that transition was great, but just had a contrasting tone to it.
Overall, good song. I enjoyed it.