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Reviews for "B0UNC3 vs LX System - Alive"


I love the high pace of the song but at the same time the constant breaks keep it in check so it doesn't go out of control.

VS style, OMG!

This is just crazy. It's incredibly good. The mix of the two styles is very good. It would be interesting to see how you could make it different in another song. We can see which part is yours but you manage to make them fit pretty well. Eventhough I consider your two styles don't match together, I must say it was very well done. One last thing, if you make another "VS" song, try not to separate your styles just to see if it could work.

Anyway, tell your friend he's pretty good and don't forget, you rock dude! :P
Nice work.


358 votes
7676 listens
7253 DOWNLOADS??!??!?!?!?!?? that is the most per/capita I have seen on any song on newgrounds. 18/19 DOWNLOADS????? this song is really popular.

Definately my favorite

This is a song good enough to compete with the big artists out there! I especially like the bass, and the cool transition near the end.

Keep it up!


The cutting in this song is pretty damn good, let alone it being one of your first songs! This is quite a feat of cutting, I love it, and the baseline is hearable at some times and other times no, the melody that starts at 2:00 is pretty damn good too, so overall I give you a 10 for the the amazing cutting and rave-like melody and beat, but like I said before, the beat is sometimes not noticable, and what is up with the cheering crowd man? Anyways, amazing job.