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Reviews for "B0UNC3 vs LX System - Alive"


Love the beggining, I also admire that you creat music for others and your own enjoyment, not for benefits cuz money doesnt always matter.


dude i love u!!!!!!!!!!

Nice, Too Bad You Didnt Make It

I like this music, but admit itits not you own music. Ive heard this before and I know you did not make. Still the music is nice but dont steal someones elses credit for making this music.

B0UNC3 responds:

Thank you all for your reviews, sorry but im to busy to respond to all of them =).


I don't have a reason to put up someone elses work.I do it for fun, not for profits.If you have fl i can send you a small bit of the song so you can see for yourself.I didn't make it all by myself tho, Lx system (awesome guy) wanted to make a VS and I accepted ,the usual ey?

I make music for people to enjoy it, not to think of me as some sort of god or anything.I don't rip peoples stuff.

The main idea of it was to make a (Blade Anthem)(?), which i think we did quite good ;)



This is what the NG audio portal should have more of!
I liked it, very nice, very

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Amazing! You did everything right, B0UNC3! Everything fits togeather perfect and at the right places with no skips. Crazy-Quality loops too, btw.