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Reviews for "Sex Kitten Sim-RPG"

Great job

I liked your game! good work.. keep it up.. and make the next one soon ;)

very nice!

good job, i like what you did on this one...like the other guy said they are drawlings....not only that but , hentai is an art....

more porn!

i miss the videos!

don't forget to check behind buildings as well... ;)


Wow this game was increadibly fun!!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHA THE OMGWTF STONES!!! HAHAHHHAHHA *falls off chair* ya mabe i had a little 2 much beer. hehe well ya anyway great game! no i didnt like it just cuz it had hentai pics in it! If i was doing it for the hentai, I would have just gone on google or sumthing. although the pics did ad a certian... i unno element to the game. like it made it make a little more (or less) scence.

well anyway, good job, and i hope to see more.

Klacid responds:

And there will be >:)

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