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Reviews for "Sex Kitten Sim-RPG"

so very cool

so awsome, but why did you use the medallions from Link to the Past? keep making more or i will come to your house and pee on your flower garden

good but you made a few errors

one error was that you spelled dimesion like dimention and you got the uzi mac 10 date worng. u see as an avid gun collector i also do a little istory every now and then. the uzi mac 10 9mm sub machinegun was developed on may 14th 1948 by a man named uziel gal a major in the isralie military. after british reign enden in palestinian empire they israleis had a problem they need a new weapon that they could easily manufacture and everything could be made in the country thus the uzi they later developed the mini uzi and micro uzi for easy concealment. just a little FYI good game and dont forget that the uzi mac 10 has a cycle rate of 600 RPM (ROUNDS PER MINUTE) DUE TO THE SAMLL FRAME AND HAS MAG CAPACITIES OF 20, 25, 35 ROUNDS AND IS 6 GROOVE RIGHT HAND WEIGHS APPROX 43.5 KG IT HAS BEEN MASS PRODUCED SINCE 1955 TO PRESENT DAY AND THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE NOW USE ITS NEW BIGGER OLDER BROTHER THE UZI MAC 11 THAT FIRES A .45 CALIBER ROUND AT A RATE OF 525 RPM AND IT IS A BEAST GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR


anothet great RPG here keep them comin and I just love all your RPG's

WOW! Great Pics.

Anyways the whole game was really good. Just that where is hazard? And anyways I think there should be more pictures but I'm not complaining. It was really fun And I liked the idea for the Name of the stones. Real funny. Here is a breakdown of my ratings.

Graphics - great on the walking and the talking and the pics, I love the Zelda style RPG feel to it.

Style - I naver really grasped at this one so I'm just saying I like how you laid it out and the style of it is better than say love hina, because it is usally point and click, this one you walked aroun a bit. (O.K. alot,)

Sound - I LOVE that music but the game is a little long for just two songs. Damn! I can stop singing the omnibus one!!!!! (Maybe voices for the girls next time. Or not. It is alot of work.)

Violence - Swearing is violence right? (kidding)

Interactivity - Better except when you have to find those DAMNED KEYS! It took me like 10 minutes to find them all. But I'm can be pretty ditzy at times.

Humor - I loved the whole thing. I wasn't throwing up laughing so hard but still. This is Front pagfe work and you got the front page!

Overall - 10 I don't care what any other shallow minded loser has to say. This ROCKS! And welcome to my fave submissions slot.

I hope you come out with the next one soon! And I hope you don't find anything I said offencive or mean. It's not like I can make stuff this good.

dude cool

i like sex kitten and this is cool too! it had really sexy pics ^^ (feel gay saying that) -.-' but anyway its really good!

Thumps up!!! ^.^