Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"


The only bad thing i could ever say about it was no peeing dog or my name in it... like jeez what were you thinking silly child! Oh well I love your other one ytoo screw people with bad taste... we have good taste that's why we like... um polar bears? wooah that was difficult!

I really liked this flash...

It wasn't funny but it made me think about a few things, and it was great... yes, I will try to wear more sunscreen. This is just my opinion but I would have added "watch a sunrise at least twice a year", it's just something I do and I think sunrises are really beautiful. This flash talks about important things in life, things we usually don't even think about. Which is why I like it so much.

Congratulations on your first Award!

You will turn into a great flash artist. Great movie there!

Modern style of the facts

You tell it like it is.

awesome man

good positive song something i dont see in flash ever.