Reviews for "My Home Town"

harvest moon/ rune factory

good one... liked the happy ish music youve got... wish ya had more

Hurshnenglurper 2009

It has that "Ye olde generic town" feel to it, which can sets the mood well. For some reason at some point I envisioned some cliche jester type fellow dancing through the streets (ugh). Overall it's a good song.

Very pleasant

It seems like nowadays I am just hearing pleasant songs going around everywhere. I was able to recognize that this used the flute or some other wind instrument. It felt like something that would be fit for a pleasant medeival game. It almost sounded Chocobo-like, or at least something that would be appropriate for the Final Fantasy games. It also reminded me of a festival, like at a renaissance fair. You really know how to get your themes right and make something appropriate.

Not bad

Reminds me of Legend of Zelda. Very good.

Great song

but it isn't Bluegrass i would know i'm from the bluegrass state and this is far from it. But good song none the less. keep up the good work.