Reviews for "My Home Town"


What a wonderful sound. The flute makes this song stand out for some reason to me. The song itself is wonderful, the beat and rhythm work very well together.

The instruments used are a wonderful combination that will leave you tapping your foot :)


I should deduct marks for reminding me of runescape! But this is just to fantastic! I INSTANTLY had visions of this nice little village from any random game. I love music that gives me this kind of imagery! Fantastic job.

Greatest song on the entire planet

I personally love flute songs like this at the beginning- and the tune is catchy and seems familiarly Irish to me. Keep it up!


Very video gamesk. Kind of reminds me of somewhere between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3. Did a great job of capturing nostalgic videog game village music!

I really like it!

It definitely does sound like the background music for a generic village in a game, but it has a nice sound!