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Reviews for "Hate"

Another poorly understood piece

People must really hate shorts that are graphically amazing and take some effort of mental power to appreciate (nose pilot is another one that got fucked for a score). Nastalgia over comes me from when I first saw it...the man knows his flash. Yet all I get is "I don't get it". You either love it to death or it is lost on you. Ian is a fucking genius in this respect. Yes, there is no real blatent plot. Your mind tends to fill in the rest...
I cannot help but miss the Old Portal...yes we get a hand on making or breaking what is on the webpage...but Tom, people are idiots. Fucking degenerate idiots. I pray someone, somewhere comes up with a way to salvage the Portal because damn good talent is being deterred to contribute to Newgrounds when they just wish to share their work. I do not feel like going into the vote-beggers like "This is not a Test"...

k e w l

Great music and graphics! Blood...more BLOOD!!!!!!!
but y the hell is its ratings so fuckin low?!?


that hit the spot! I almost cried!

u killed the puppy....not cool dude

u killed the puppy....not cool dude, it was cool tho hehe death and destruction are always good :)

first movie accepted to the old portal