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Reviews for "Hate"

thats the first third party flash

I dont know why im doing this. I dont really get the plot this flash 6.5

Holds up

One of the first third party games was good back then and is still ok looking today. Its just nothing though. It has no point, and its just on here for preservation in my opinion.

The Real First!

This is the real first third party submission to Newgrounds.Proof:Newground's 1999 History Page.You can read it and everything and it will say it.The reason it says it's submitted in 2000 is because that's when Newgrounds was automated and it had to be resubmitted.He started the flash legacy of Newgrounds!He is awesome!Also,great flash considering what time you made it.

good considering

this movie is ten years old, way to go making something this good with Macromedia flash!

its good

just good not great or bad... its better then ok