Reviews for "Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir)"



That is all.

Bezo responds:

Thanks dude. I'm hoping next time to make something more than just a carbon copy. ;)

another good one

u used a REAL choir for this?! how did u get a chorus group for this one? anyways, this is truly amazing. it kinda made me feel like i was in the LOTR world. u really know how to put emotion in chorus music. i believe by far 'Temple of Time' is your beest one, though. i gave that one a perfect score. but i REALLY loved this one, too.

awesome work on this.

Excellent, love FFX

I love the Hymn Of The Fayth and a choir only made it better. Sounded even better than the game for me.

Not quite...

That didn't sound like the hymn of the faith, but then again i didnt heard it in a long time...
But its really really good!!
keep up the good work

Bezo responds:

Thanks. As soon as school lets out, I'm going to be back with a vengeance. And a huge book of clich├ęs.


10 effort because i can tell you really REALLY attempted to make it different from the millions of othre remixes.