Reviews for "Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir)"



That is all.

Bezo responds:

Thanks dude. I'm hoping next time to make something more than just a carbon copy. ;)

great job awsome

its back real deal and real good

Bezo responds:

Yeah, I think this is as least a 300% improvement on the first one. Probably because I was able to record the parts together instead of one at a time. ;)

This I like

You really should sing on more of your submissions. I for one have no problem with your voice.

Bezo responds:

Thanks dude. Yeah, I do when it calls for it. But most of the time it's hard to work it in. ;)


I really enjoyed it. I really liked how you added the 7th into alot of the cords. It was beautiful.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. :D


I may love final fantasy more than anything else, and love its music more than any other music.

but that will not cause me to give this a good rating.

I dont know what you did to make it (sounds like the origional as if u jus used it as a sample and putsmall noises as it was going)

but its exactly like the origional (different a lil) but not enough.

Glad to see you like final fantasy tho lol


Bezo responds:

The difference is that I'm the one singing it. ;) Oh well, as long as you don't report it as stolen. It's not.