Reviews for "Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir)"


Its amazing but the thing isnt letting me download it for my flash. plz assist!

Bezo responds:

I have no idea why it wouldn't. NG Audio Portal sometimes has issues.

Im speachless

This is one of my favorite songs on FFX. This song gives me goosebumps all over me. Simply amazing to recreate it! I'll give you all 10's!!!

Bezo responds:

Nice. Tens are always a nice change of pace from the zeros I seem to get all the time.

sooooooooo kool

the hymn of the faith is so flat at some parts but other than that this is a great song

Bezo responds:

Yeah, I cringe when I hear those parts myself.


Gotta give you straight tens on this one, you did a very good job capturing the true essence of the song. You're version is very soothing and relaxing, might use it one of my Dungeon Studios flashes in the future. Who knows?

Thanks again for making this remix.

Bezo responds:

Next time I think I'll get my girlfriend to do the soprano part. I'm losing my upper falsetto range.

I don't like to do this, but I have to respond to the person who said I was full of myself as I've finally figured out what they were referring to. When I said that this piece was a massive improvement on the original, I wasn't referring to the one on the official FFX soundtrack. I was referring to the one *I* made way back in the day.

well co-ordinated

I'm quite impressed that you could get that many harmonies going at once... However there are a few sour moments (beginning is abit off, minor ones after that) in which the different sining doesn't interlink. But despite that; it's actualy quite majestic.

Bezo responds:

Yeah, I'm still getting used to recording vocals in my studio. I have to make sure I have at least one ear out of the headphones or I get weird timing issues.